Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Up Tutorial Advice

I'm going to be starting Make Up tutorials in the new year which I am super excited about, I'll be hopefully getting a camera which is suited to filming tutorials and all those sort of sit down and talk videos, as the camera I have now is more of a carry around vlogging camera ha ha.

And when I do I will be filming as many tutorials and TAG videos as I possibly can due to the excitment of being able to film them ha ha ha ha. So I decided to start looking for inspiration. I found these three really cute cards in the shop I work in and decided that before I tuck them away until the new year I'd write a quick blog post and get some ideas from you all. I have a rough idea of what look I'm going to do from each card but thought It'd be fun to get your thoughts on them, tell me what you think I should do... Or! Do a look from one of the cards and then post it as a video response anywhere on my YouTube channel, BeingRebeccaHooper and I'd love to watch it!

Here they are...

You can't really see but on the last one, but the ends of the angel wings fade from white to blue then through the colours of the rainbow, that's the look I'd do for this card, I want to do a shimmery white eye-shadow leading into blue then through the colours of the rainbow, I think that it'd look beautiful. Let me know what you'd do! 

Make Up Ideas and Excitement for Tutorials,

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