Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finding 'The One'

I've been hunting high and low for a new handbag recently, all for nothing as there has been nothing about that has taken my fancy! I've had a gorgeous Lipsy handbag for nearly three years and It's well loved and has been used to death, so it really was time for a new one.

I was out yesterday doing some Christmas shopping with the boyfriend and stumbled across an Oasis store. Now a few weeks earlier I was in a shopping centre which had an Oasis concesion and had seen the gorgeous handbag sat on display, but when I picked it up there was no price on it so I just decided it wasn't meant to be and put it back. (ok well the main reason I put it back was because I was about to splurge £40.00 on a new pair of jeans and had decided that was quite enough to be spending ha ha!)

So anyway, yesterday I went into the Oasis store for a browse and after looking through maybe three or four handbags I like a little bit I saw the bag I saw the other week sat on a shelf and grabbed it! The rest is history so they say.

I marched up to the till with that amazing handbag, knowing it was meant to be and am now a proud owner of a new handbag, finally!

Here it is....

                       Ringlock Shopper Bag
                       Ringlock Shopper Bag

New handbag happiness,


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