Monday, October 31, 2011

Recent Purchases

I love just having days when I've not got much to do and can spend time leisurely wandering around shops and looking at every single thing that have on their shelves. My favourite shops to do this are Superdrug and Boots, as the town I was shopping in didn't have a Superdrug I was going to have to maximise the Boots store! I must have spent nearly an hour in there wandering around, hunting for bargains and the next fun product to try. I picked up a few essentials that I needed as I was running low on dry shampoo and powder for setting my foundation and a few new things which I can't wait to try! So without further ado, here are my recent purchases...

The first thing I picked up was a product from Aussie, it's a 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. This is a deep conditioner for damaged hair, now as much as I love my hair I know it is damaged! I treat it bad, I blow dry it every time I wash it and I straighten it at least once a day. I've started to only wash my hair every other day so this will hopefully start to help it repair itself as washing your hair every day strips it of natural oils and can be really detrimental. So Dry Shampoo = BEST FRIEND! And any chance for a 'deep condition' needs grabbing with both hands. I love Aussie products and I'm certain this will be an amazing product.

I'm always using make up remover wipes, I love how convenient they are. I find them easier to use than a make up remover gel or liquid and cotton pads as it's only one thing to use. Another massive benefit of make up wipes is that they are much easier to travel with and there's no risk of them leaking in your bag! These wipes are from Johnsons face care, they are the daily essentials ones and are for combination skin which is the skin type I have. There's 25 wipes per pack and they're only £3.15, so very reasonable.

At Boots now there is an offer on all the Natural Collection cosmetics, they are any 3 for £5.00 so after a look through everything they had on offer I decided on three. I could have picked one of everything but I limited myself to three. I got this amazing nail varnish colour in Peach Manicure, I've been on the lookout for a  nice nude colour and this one looked perfect!

The second Natural Collection product I got is a lip gloss, all the lip glosses with the Natural Collection are amazing colours and they are a great consistency too. I've never had chance to try one of them before but I can't wait to try this one, it's in the colour Raspberry Ripple and is the nicest pink colour ever! 

The third Natural Collection product is this tinted moisturiser, it was a mere £1.99 and with the offer Boots have at the minute it was even cheaper than that! If it's a good product it'll be amazing to be able to get something as substantial as tinted moisturiser so inexpensive. I got mine in the colour Natural, I wanted Fair, the lightest one, but they didn't have one. (One that hadn't had half the product squeezed out and the lid squashed back on afterwards) I'm looking forward to trying this out though, and hopefully it's a nice quality tinted moisturiser. 

I also picked up a Rimmel stay Matte Pressed Powder, I use this powder every day after my foundation and it always sets it perfectly. I do have combination skin, so I have to use this powder throughout the day as I have an oily T-zone which leads to me needing to re-set my foundation quite frequently. I use the powder in colour 003 Peach Glow, which is quite a fair colour as I have quite fair skin! ha ha

I've only ever used one eye product and that's the Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll On, and I love that product so I've never looked out for any other eye cream or roll on but I'm glad I did because I found this Vitamin e gentle eye cream. It's a Boots own product and It seems really amazing and I can't wait to try it out properly. There's a whole range of vitamin e Boots products and I'll be sure to get some more if I love this one as much as I think I will!

The next thing I got was a travel size Rich Moisturising Day Cream from Nivea Visage, it feels amazingly thick and creamy and I think will be perfect over the next few winter months to keep in my handbag for when my skin gets dry and cracked. I have the worst dry skin in the winter and my hands become really sore and cracked so this will be perfect and handy for carrying about with me at all times.

I've been using a really inexpensive mascara from Make Up Academy (MUA) for a while, and I do love that mascara but I've been wanting to try something new for a while. So I picked up one of the Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara, the brush on this looks fantastic and I'm a big fan of big voluminous long lashes so I hope this mascara lives up to it's name!

I've always been a huge fan of the St. Ives exfoliating products so I decided to pick up another one in a travel size, this one is different one to the one I've normally purchased, this one is called Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub Invigorating. I made sure I got the oil-free one as I do have combination skin so I always prefer oil-free products. I love St. Ives exfoliating products so I know I'll enjoy using this one too.

I decided I wanted a really good, moisturising hand cream that I haven't tried before to use during the winter months. I've always loved the smell of shea butter and cocoa butter, so I looked through all the different ones Boots had to offer until I decided on the Johnsons body care 24hour Moisture Radiance Hand Cream with Shea & Cocoa Butters. This is a new product and I absolutely love the smell of it!

I also had a look through the Boots Botanics range, it's a really affordable and 100% organic and has some amazing products on offer. I picked up the Organic Face Rosewater Toner, I haven't used it yet but it smells so so good! It's great that it's so natural because often products we use now and filled with harsh chemicals and these can lead to skin becoming worse rather than better, so I'm really glad I found this range and you can expect to see some more of their products on here and on my YouTube channel!

And finally, I picked up a new dry shampoo. I use this every other day to keep my hair as healthy as I can when I'm constantly blow drying it and straightening it! ha ha. This is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original and smells really good, it's not an over powering scent, just a clean and fresh smell.

So there you have it, that's my splurge of beauty goods! What's one beauty product you can't live without? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Lippy

I am a massive fan of lipstick, from Kate Moss' signature bright red to the ever famous GOSH Darling nude, as you will be able to tell from this lipstick collection post.

The first is a threesome of GOSH lipsticks, I must admit two of these are Darling which is number 134 because I always like to have one at home and one in my handbag, ha ha! The other is a magnificent bright pink which looks amazing layered over Darling.These GOSH Velvet Touch lipsticks are a great creamy consistency and looks amazing on too.

The next bunch I've got are Make Up Academy or MUA lipsticks and they come in a massive range of colours and they all have stickers on the lids with the shade number on so obviously I'll be able to tell you which lipstick is which. Well, I can't, because I took all the lids off for the photographs and then they were all mixed up. Very professional of me, huh! 
Regardless, they are a great range of colours and they range from very solid pigmented colours to the very sheer, glittery colours. These lipsticks are an incredible £1.00 each, and for the price they are amazing! They go on great and don't leave your lips dry at all. (p.s. I have actually managed to forget one of the lipsticks in the photo though, sorry missing lipstick!) 

I'm a huge fan of Barry M cosmetics, I've got a huge collection of their Nail Paints which I LOVE! 
These Lipsticks are available in a great range of colours but I just don't like the texture of some of them. Their texture seems to change with the colour, the pink one which is number 100 I love the colour of it but each time I use it, it dries my lips out and looks horrible on because it starts to crack. The nude colour in Marshmallow which is number 101, I love this colour but have to dab it on my lips rather than swipe it because the dryness of the colour makes it look horrible once its on your lips. The third one I have is a gorgeous lilac colour which is in fact is a lovely creamy consistency and isn't too drying at all, surprisingly. 

These two lipsticks are from a brand called New York Color or NYC. They are really great lipsticks and are very inexpensive too which is always a bonus, the one on the left is 411 which is called Snowcone and this is a lovely colour on, it's quite sheer but still has good pigmentation. The one on the right is 407 which is called Smooch, this colour it very pigmented and looks lovely too. My only issue with these lipsticks is that they don'd wind all the way down, which means when you go to put the lid on, you quite often catch the lipstick with the lid meaning your consistently wiping lipstick off of the lid.  

This next lipstick is the nicest, brightest pink I've ever owned and I really love this colour, its a lipstick from beautyuk and is in the colour innocent, which is number 1. I was majorly excited when I got it in the post and couldn't wait to try it. But when I did try it, I discovered I was allergic to it and it burnt my lips like crazy! So be aware, fellow sensitive lip people, this lipstick is evil in a gorgeous bright, Barbie pink disguise!

This is the brightest red I have and is from the Collection 2000 brand, it is in colour 8 Cherry pop. I've barely used this one as my milk bottle face completion couldn't handle the bright red. It is a really nice colour though and I'd love to be able to rock it!

This lipstick is a 2true glossywear  lipstick and is in the colour number 5, this colour is a really nice sheer beige, its got a really glittery, glossy finish to it and it looks lovely with a dark colour lipgloss over the top of it. I love the packaging of this lipstick, there's a cute clear window in the top of it which make sit easy to see the colour of the lipstick.

This lipstick is another 2true one, its a colour drench lipstick in number 5. The colour is a great vibrant dark pink and looks great. I absolutely love this packaging, the colour of the tube is gorgeous and I think it gives it such a high end feel. As it's 2true it's got the same little window in the top which allows you to see the colour without having to remove the lid. This lipstick is great value for money as the 2true brand is great products for a very inexpensive price.

This is one of my favourite lipsticks, its a Revlon Colourburst Lipstick  in colour 020 Baby Pink, it's a really lovely shade of pink but it quite sheer as you put it on. I love the fact that the word Revlon is imprinted in the actual lipstick and I also like the criss cross pattern on the packaging, it's a really cute lipstick. There is also the colour printed on the top of the lipstick, this makes it really easy to see the colour when it's stored away.

This is one of Kate Moss' new lipsticks that she made for Rimmel London. This one is in colour 05, which is a lovely bold and vivid pink. I absolutely love these lipsticks they are the nicest texture ever and go on so smoothly, this colour looks amazing over the top of GOSH Darling lipstick.

That's about it, that sums up my current lipstick collection :) Leave me a comment below letting me know which lipsticks you love, and which ones you wished were better! And give me any recommendations you have!  

Have a fab and lippy day, Rebecca 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paint Yo' Nails

I had a delivery this morning and I was pretty excited because I knew I'd ordered some Barry M Nail Paints a few days ago... And it was them! YAY!

The first of the 8 gorgeous Nail Paints I brought was one of the new Nail Effects from Barry M and it's the Gold Foil one, it's number 320 and looks so nice and I'm so excited to use it.

The second Nail Paint I got was the other Nail Effect Foil one which is in a silver colour, so they're in a cute little foil pairing :) This one is number 319 and I'm even more excited for this one because as far as I'm concerned foil comes in silver, not gold! haha.

I also got green glitter which is number 298, I think this colour is a great festive, holiday season colour and I can't wait to pair it with a solid bright red Nail Paint. I think I'm going to use the glitter polishes I got as a 'feature nail' style, i'll paint all my nails one colour and then add glitter polish to one of my nails for an extra kick!

I also got another festive glitter polish, I got red glitter which is number 150. This would also look great on one nail with the rest a plain block red colour! 

One glitter polish which I've been wanting for months and months and months is Once Upon a Time which is number 210. And every single time I went to order some online this was the one which was sold out consistently! Which of course, made me want it even more so! But I have it now and I can't wait to use it.

Lavender is a gorgeous colour as it is but add some glitter and it's even better! This Barry M Nail Paint has a really chunky glitter and I'm expecting it to add a real chunky subtle spread of glitter to my 'feature nail' and I'm majorly excited to see how it looks on!

Penultimately is Silver Cascade, number 216, which is one of the Nail Paints that I am most excited to use, it is a truly amazing colour, it's like a silver, purple, red, green, gold, amazing glitter colour and if your going to try any try this one! It's gorgeous.

And finally... Hologram, this is the last of my brand new bunch and looks like the ideal polish to add ontop of any plain polish too add some sparkle and glam! It's number 244 and is a really sparky glitter which is in the same chunky glitter style as lavender. I can't wait to try this one just because I know it'll go with any colour at all.

So that was my newest eight purchases to add to my massive Barry M Nail Paint collection, which I will share with you on here soon! I've done a video on it before on YouTube, but it's definitely time for an updated Nail Varnish Collection! :)

Have a Great Day With Yo' Painted Nails..