Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whatcha Think To My Wellies?

I picked these up from Tesco the other night, I needed some new wellies because the one's I have, have got holes in the back and let water in. Squishy wet socks is never a nice feeling! ha ha ha

The reason I picked up these fab bright wellies is because me and the boyfriend are going to an agricultural show tomorrow and I'm so excited! But as it's forecast to rain and I imagine all the mud will be well trodden in I didn't want to risk going in my ankle boots or holey old wellies.

I've just been searching the web, dreamingly looking through the Hunter website, I'd love a pair of Hunter wellies. There's no way I could afford some (yet) I might save up and make it my mission to buy some ha ha!
These are the ones in particular I wanted, I thought they were so cute and practical for summer dog walking too...

I LOVE these and they're £75.00 and personally, I think they are worth every penny! I'll start saving and let you know if and when I get my hands on them!

Check out the Hunter website and let me know your dream wellies!

Wellington boots and fancy muddy shows,


  1. LOVE those wellies! Want a pair :)

  2. Thanks! I think the funky wellies need to be worn more often by more people, ha ha! :)

  3. These are uber cool, my girlfriend would love these, birthday present time! she's also called rebecca, maybe it's fate!

  4. Maybe it is! ha ha. You'll have to let me know what she thinks to them, they'd be a great birthday present! :)

  5. They are so cute, would love to have them myself;D
    I loved reading your blog so I'm now following it=)<3

  6. They are quite funky aren't they, ha ha!
    Awh thank you, that's kind of you :)